Introducing GoThru Subscription Plans

Introducing GoThru Subscription Plans

At GoThru, we've tailored two distinct models to match your publishing preferences effortlessly. When it comes to the cost of publishing, GoThru offers a range of models tailored to your needs, ensuring both convenience and affordability. Whether you're an occasional user or a dedicated tour creator.

Pay as You Go

Our default Pay as You Go plan ensures you're only charged when your panoramas hit Google Street View. A straightforward $10 one-time fee per publish, and you can edit them without extra costs afterward.

Subscription Plans

For frequent publishers, our Subscription Plans offer versatility. Basic handles 2 tours monthly, PRO and PRO Video take it to 10. You have the flexibility to unsubscribe, yet still retain your published tours on Google. This allows you to make updates without incurring any extra costs.

Plan Comparison


Street View Tours / Blue Line Tours


GoThru Enhanced Tours


Pro Video

10 Tours/month

500 GB

Unlimited within plan

$53.95 USD/month


10 Tours/month

100 GB

Unlimited within plan

$23.95 USD/month


2 Tours/month

100 GB

$25 USD/year

$10 USD/month


4 Panorama Tours

10 GB

$25 USD/year

$0 USD/month

How to subscribe

To initiate the subscription process at GoThru, follow these simple steps:

  • Access Your Profile
  • Within the "My Profile" page, you'll notice the "Upgrade" button on the left-hand side. Press “Upgrade”.
  • Clicking the "Upgrade" button will open up the subscription options available.
  • Select Your Plan
  • Once you've selected your desired plan, the system will guide you to payment details and confirming your subscription.

How to unsubscribe

  • Access Your Profile
  • Locate the Unsubscribe button: Within the "My Profile" area, you'll notice the "Unsubscribe" button on the left-hand side.
  • Click on the "Unsubscribe" button.

Switch plans

At GoThru, you have the freedom to switch between different subscription plans whenever it suits you best. And the process is straightforward: simply navigate to your "My Profile" page, where you'll find the option to seamlessly switch to a new plan that better aligns with your evolving needs and preferences.

Payment methods

At this time, we exclusively support Paypal and payment methods recognized by Stripe, including credit or debit cards issued by notable services such as Mastercard, VISA, and American Express.

Monthly renewal

It's important to note that at GoThru, any unused quota from your subscription plan won't be carried over to the following months. This means that the resources or limits allocated to your plan for a specific month are designed to meet your needs within that month alone.