Gothru Navigator User Interface

Gothru Navigator User Interface

Gothru Navigator is a professional-oriented application intended for Real Estate, Google Trusted Photographers, Architects, or anyone that needs to view navigable tours, with hotspots and menus.

Gothru Navigator is very simple and easy to find tours. Just type your favorite tour or location name in the search bar and get an HD virtual tour of your preferred location.

Built on the state-of-the-art GoThru Overlay Editor, GoThru Navigator supports professional functions as described below.


The nadir is the point at the bottom of the active panorama. You can use the Nadir to open the Navigator Menu at any time. To open the menu, look at the nadir at the bottom until the menu opens up.


It is very simple and easy to find locations just type your favorite location name in the search bar and take an HD Gothru Virtual Tours of your preferred tour categories - Google Street View, All Tours, Favorites, or My Tours.

Search Button

The search button on the menu can be used to search for particular tours from the preferred categories - Google Street View, All Tours, Favorites, or My Tours. The search result will appear in the menu's central area.

Load this tour at startup

Navigator also lets you set up a default tour when starting the app. In short, this feature allows you to select which tour you want to play by default when you open the Navigator app. Different from locking the app to only one tour, this feature still has access to the navigator menu and other tours.

Lock the app to this tour

Gothru Navigator locking feature allows you to lock the app to only one tour so you can approach and show your potential buyers a virtual tour with no trouble and remain protected from unwanted content.

Disable access to public tour

You can use this Navigator function can be used if you wish to deny public access to your tours.

Download Button

The Navigator download function allows you to take virtual tours of properties, venues, and other physical spaces offline and navigate within a tour even without an internet connection.


The favorite is a function that allows you to save a tour to your favorite tour collections.

Street View Map

You can use the Street view map to quickly go point to point and view panoramas directly using the markers on the map.

Street View

With this feature, it’s easier to view a series of navigable Street View imagery and play it side by side using VR mode, 360 tilt-viewing, or finger viewing as you move down a street or path.

Navigation arrows

Navigation arrows are used to move between panoramas within a tour using navigation arrows.