GoThru Profile Page

GoThru Profile Page

From the profile button on the top-right corner, you can access your Profile page.

Under the profile page, you can access your account information,  change your account attribution, Upload a Nadir , Set up API integration, Sync with Google Drive and add more SV accounts.

The profile page can be depicted as shown in the following screenshot. Each of these sections is discussed further below.

Contact Info

  • Profile Picture – Your picture in avatar is shown here. To change it, go to the Upload Profile Photo section.
  • Display name – This is how your name appears on your GoThru account. Your first and last names are displayed by default from your Google account.
  • Subscription Status – This section displays the subscription status to which plan your account subscribed to.
  • E-mail – All users are required to list an e-mail address in their respective Profiles. GoThru will use this address to notify you of new published tours and for other administrative purposes.

Change Your Account Attribution

In some cases clients found that the publisher's name in their tour attribution section is misplaced and they would like only their company name to appear in the 360 photos. If that is the case, you need to change the tour attribution and GoThru allows you to perform the action.

Read how to change tour attribution

Upload Profile Photo

You can change your Profile Photo here by dropping or clicking on the upload box. Photo must be PNG or JPG.

Subscription Status

This section displays the subscription status as well as the upcoming plan payment. You can also upgrade or cancel your subscription from this section.

Street View Account

It is where you can connect one or more Street View accounts and add a client`s SV account to your GoThru account.

Read How To Connect One or Multiple Street View Accounts To Your GoThru Account

Nadir Upload

Nadir Upload is where you can put a nadir logo on your 360° photo in order to hide the tripod and display the logo of your company or the clients. You can Upload a Nadir if you want to download pre-stitched panoramas with a nadir. The nadir has to be a transparent PNG file and it has to be a square 2048px x 2048px.

Change Password

In case you need to improve your account security, it wouldn't be a bad idea to change your GoThru account password. Enter your new password for GoThru and click update then GoThru will update your account password.

API Integration

On your profile page, GoThru also gives you the option to integrate API with your application system.