How To Activate An Overlay Tour Without Subscription

How To Activate An Overlay Tour Without Subscription

If you've built your own overlay with all of the plugins but need to take a break (unsubscribe) from GoThru or want to switch your subscription from Pro to a free plan, you can still keep the overlay by paying it per tour for a year.

Here is a simple guide on how to activate an overlay tour for one year without a subscription.

1. From the Constellation manager, locate the tour already with Overlay that you would like to clone and click on the tools button.

2. In the Tools page, select Overlay Manager from overlay drop down.

3. In the Overlay Manager, press Unlock.

4. It will bring you to the payment. Complete the billing details and then proceed to payment. If you want your client to pay for the activation, you can share this payment with them.

5. Once you unlocked it, you will notice the tour link has been activated like in the example below You can use the Tourmkr link to share the tour with anyone you like, your client, friends, or for other business purposes without subscribing to GoThru.