This article will be looking at the steps of how to add a hotspot popup content using an HTML code. HTML content type allows you to add a unique HTML code that embeds a webpage and its content to the virtual tour. The HTML <img> tag will embed an image of a web page that is not only technically inserted into a virtual tour, but also linked to the web pages.

To perform this operation, you can access it via Hotspot Settings ( Plugin Manager > Hotspot ) or via the Active Plugin (Active Plugins > Hotspot).

The following are the steps on how to add a hotspot popup content using an HTML code:

1. Navigate to the content type section under the hotspot settings.

2. Select the content type. Content type > HTML.

3. Generate the HTML embed code of the target webpage.

4. Highlight the HTML embed code, then copy it to your clipboard.

5. Paste the HTML you just copied into the HTML field like in the example below.

6. Overlay will automatically generate the content onto the popup content entry as shown in the following example.

7. Finally hit the save button on the top-right corner of the overlay screen to apply the changes and see the results.