How To Change Tour Attribution

How To Change Tour Attribution

In some cases clients found that the publisher's name in their tour attribution section is misplaced and they would like only their company name to appear in the 360 photos. If that is the case, you need to change the tour attribution and GoThru allows you to perform the action.

The steps are described as follows.

1. Add your client`s street view account to your GoThru account. Read How To Add A Client`s Street View Account To Your GoThru Account

2. If the client is not willing to give access, you can just create a new gmail account named as your client business name, and have their logo. Then add that account to your GoThru account and then follow these steps How To Connect One or Multiple Street View Accounts To Your GoThru Account

3. Delete the panoramas from Google by pressing on the "Delete street View Tour" button. Refer to How to Delete a Tour from Street View using GoThru

4. Publish the tour back to Google using the client's account.