How To Create An Audio Hotspot

How To Create An Audio Hotspot

In this article, you will learn how to add audio to hotspot popup using the hotspot plugin. The audio content type allows you to attach an audio file to the hotspot so you can place your product audio into the virtual tour, making your tour more appealing to consumers.

To perform this operation, you can access via Hotspot Settings ( Plugin Manager > Hotspot ) or via Active Plugin (Active Plugins > Hotspot).

How to add audio to the popup:

1. Navigate to the Popup content section under the hotspot settings.

2. Select the content type. Content type > Audio.

3. Click choose from the assets or the audio box to upload the audio file from your computer.

4. Include a title for the audio.

5. You can set the audio to autoplay and a light mode (optional)

6.  For this audio content you can also put an image to the popup by clicking the “+” button.

7. Adjust the media size using the slider so the image can fit the background properly.

8. Finally click Save to apply the changes then publish to see the results.