Usually, a tour starts in Google Street facing north, in other words, the first panel will be facing north. However, due to some Google issues, it is possible that this won’t happen and you will discover that the first panel showing your business is not the right one.

In the example below, the starting angle is actually showing the wrong direction of what it should be.

Step 1: Rotate the Constellation

1. To fix this issue, start by going to GoThru Constellations. Find your tour and press the Tools button.

2. In the Tools screen, press the Create Navigation button to open the Moderator.

3. In the Moderator, you have to rotate the constellation so that the first pano is facing the correct angle, which is north. To do this, check for the orientation of the compass on the panorama overview.

5. On the map, rotate the constellation until the compass shows north and you like the pano angle you see in the viewer. Press CTRL+S to save the change.

Step 2: Delete the Selected  Panorama

1. At this point, if you publish your tour nothing will change, because that panorama is crashed by Google. Instead, go back to the constellation screen, click on the Tools button of your tour, and press the Edit button.

2. In the Edit Constellation screen, select the panorama and delete it by pressing the lower left icon, then the Delete button.

Step 3: Update the Tour

1. Now you can go to the Tools screen and start publishing the tour by pressing the Google button.

2. Press Update your tour on Google Street View -> Start Publishing.

3. GoThru will re-upload the first panorama. Once the publishing process is done, you can go to Google Street View and verify the images for your business.

4. Access the 360View. The starting angle will be the right one, facing north.

Video Tutorial: