How to import panoramas from Google Drive

How to import panoramas from Google Drive

In this tutorial, you will learn how to import panoramas from Google Drive with GoThru.

Step 1: Create a GoThru folder

1. On your Google Drive, create a folder called GoThru Panoramas. In this folder, create a sub-folder for your business.

2. Upload the panoramas to the sub-folder

Step 2: Create a New Tour

1. Click on the Constellation tab on the top bar.

2. Click +Create New Tour.

3. Select the tour type, Google business, Blue Line, or Hosted tour and click start.

4. Enter a location or the CID and click search to find it.

5. Once you find it, click Create New Tour then follow the next steps.

Note: For detailed information regarding tour creation, please check the other GoThru tutorials.

Step 3: Import Panoramas

1. Click Upload panorama

2. Press the Import from Google Drive button.

3. In the Search pop up, type the name of your folder, the one containing the images for your business. Once you find the folder press the Start Import button.

4. Go back to constellations, open the tour and you will see your imported panoramas on the map.

5. GoThru automatically imports all the panoramas from the specified Google Drive folder and also patched all the nadirs for all the panoramas.

Video Tutorial: