GoThru allows you to take virtual tours of properties, venues and other physical spaces offline and navigate within a tour even without an internet connection.

In this tutorial you will explore how to install a Virtual Tour on an iOS device for offline access. Here is a simple and easy guide on how to do that.

1. Get the Tourmkr link. Constellation>Tools>Overlay Manager

2. Copy the Tourmkr link and open it on your IOS device using Safari browser.

3. Click on the share button to open up the browser menu.

4. Select Add to home screen then click add to verify the installation.

5. It takes only a few seconds to install, as soon as it has finished the tour app will show up on your IOS screen like in the example below.

6. You can try to open it online and offline to make sure it works properly.

Online access:

Offline access:

Tutorial Video: