How to Create a Multiple Level Map in Floor Map Plugin

How to Create a Multiple Level Map in Floor Map Plugin

Floor Map allows you to make multiple level maps in one overlay which is very suitable to show building directories such as houses or buildings with multi-stories. Also, it is supported by a level switcher so the users can go floor to floor and reach specified rooms directly.

The followings are the steps on how to create a multiple-level map using the floor map plugin.

Step 1: Set Up the Map

1. Go to Map Settings (Plugin Manager > Floor Map) or via Active Plugin (Active Plugins > Floor Map).

2. Navigate to the multiple map menu under the map settings.

3. Switch on the multiple map toggle to enable a multi-level map.

4. Click on the plus `+` to add a new level.

5. Now add the map image, click on the map image box to open the asset library where you can upload a new image or select an image that is already there.

Step 2: Connect the map to Panoramas

1. To connect the map to panoramas in the tour,  you can navigate to the dots list under map settings.

2. On the dots list, you see the plus `+` button that will be used to add the active panoramas to the map.

3. Before you connect a panorama to the map, you have to select the panorama first and put that pano in an active position. You see in the example below pano number #5 is the active pano.

4. Now, click the plus `+` button to add the active pano to the map.

5. Overlay will add the dot or marker of the active panorama to the map but the position of the dot does not automatically follow the map image so you have to adjust it manually.

6. To adjust the dot position, you can drag it around the map then place it to its right position like in the following example.

7. You can repeat the steps above to connect more panoramas to the first-floor and second-floor map.

First floor
Second floor

Step 3: Save and Publish

Before you publish the tour, you can try to click on the map markers or dots to make sure that the panoramas already connected. If it works the marker will bring you to the linked panorama on the tour. Finally, click “save”  and “publish” to apply all the changes and see the results.