How to Set Your Virtual Tour's Starting Pano

How to Set Your Virtual Tour's Starting Pano

Starting panos is the first panorama that visitors see when they land on your virtual tour (hosted tour).

You can select and set the starting pano by using the tools under the general settings, as described in the instructions below.

1. When you open the virtual tour editor, the "General setting" panel will automatically open on the right side.

Or click the gear-shaped "Settings" icon at the top-right corner.

2. To set the starting pano, first you need to select the panorama and put it in an active position. You see in the example below pano number #5 is the active pano.

3. Navigate to the Tour section, then click the tool with the target icon.

As soon as you press the target icon, it will lock the active pano (pano #5) as the starting pano.

4. You can also set the field of view (FoV) by using the slider.