How To Unarchive A Tour From Google

How To Unarchive A Tour From Google

Extending the articles about archiving a tour and multi archiving tours that allow you to take full size panoramas into an offline file but the tour constellation will stay intact on GoThru server.

Now you are going to learn how to unarchive a tour from Google to import the full size panoramas to the archived tour from Google Street View.

Here are the steps on how to unarchive a tour from google.

1. Click on the Constellation tab on the top bar.

2. Then find your tour that you have archived. Press the Tools button.

In the following example Giant Toronto is the tour that has been archived and will be unarchived to bring back the panoramas from Google.

3. In the Tools, click the Unarchive from Google button at the bottom side.

4. Prompt popup will open asking you to verify the process. Click Unarchive.

5.  Shortly GoThru imports the panoramas from Google to your GoThru account.

6. You also notice the size of the tour also expands since the panoramas have been brought in from Google to the constellation.

7. As soon as the the unarchiving process finished, you can edit the constellation on GoThru Moderator or add some functional plugins such as side menu, hotspots or others on Overlay Editor.