How to Update a Street View Tour with Bad Stitching

How to Update a Street View Tour with Bad Stitching

On occasions, you might need to update a street view tour with a new panorama.

For example, one of the issues that can appear with the panoramas uploaded to Google Maps is discovering areas with bad stitching.

The solution is to update the tour using a panorama with proper stitching. Prepare your new panorama then proceed to the replacement.

Step 1: Find the stitch error

1. The first step is accessing your GoThru account, then going to Constellation manager and selecting the tour to be updated. Press the SV Info button to access Google Publish Status.

2. In here, you can actually select the panels containing the stitch errors for the selected tour.

3. Now check for stitching errors within each panel. Back in your tours list, select the tour to be updated and press the Tools button.

4. In the tools section, press the Edit button.

5. At this point, a double check is required in order to make sure you are uploading the same files. To check the panoramas, you can do this in two ways:

  • Just hover your mouse over the panorama number and check for its name;
  • Click on the File Names button to see the entire list of panoramas, compare the names of the panoramas, and make sure they do correspond.

Step 2: Re-upload the panorama

1. Back to Tools, press the Upload Panoramas button.

2. Select the panoramas and proceed to the upload. This should only take a few moments.

3. Press the Done button when the upload is complete.

  • It is highly recommended that, after the upload, you perform another check to the panorama in order to detect possible areas in need for a blur, i.e. human faces, car numbers etc. To do this, go to the Moderator and inspect the images.
  • If you detect areas to be blurred, select each one with the mouse then press Shift+Z from the keyboard. This allows the application to memorize the respective areas and blur them automatically when publishing the new panoramas.

4. The final operation is publishing the panoramas, from Tools -> Google -> Start Publishing.

You are done. GoThru will automatically overwrite the new panoramas over the old ones. Your street tour is now fully up to date with the new panoramas.

Video tutorial: