How To Use Overlay Templates In Overlay Editor

How To Use Overlay Templates In Overlay Editor

Overlay Editor includes extremely useful templates that automatically construct the layout for your virtual tour overlay. You can find different types of default templates or personal templates that you can apply to your tour.

To use the overlay template in the overlay editor, please follow the steps as described below.

1. Go to the Constellations Manager.

2. Press Tools over the target tour.

3. In the Tools page, select Overlay Templates from the Overlay dropdown.

4. Library of templates will appear and you can select one from your personal templates or default templates from GoThru.

5. Hover over a template and then press the Apply Template button.

6. As soon as you select the template, the Overlay editor will apply it to the target tour. If the tour already contains an overlay , it will create another new overlay with the template applied. Go to Overlay Manager to see the newly created overlay.

7. The new overlay will appear in the Overlay List section of the Overlay Manager. Click Edit to open it in the Overlay Editor.

8. Now the new overlay layout is somewhat set up, you can start working on the content by editing the active plugins such as menu, hotspots and so on.