How To Merge Multiple Tours Into One Overlay Project

How To Merge Multiple Tours Into One Overlay Project

Overlay Editor provides a function for easily combining multiple tours together into one overlay project. In particular, this function will cover the use case of when you have multiple virtual tours under the same business that you wish to merge together.

Imagine you have five different virtual tours for your business and you want to incorporate them into one Overlay, you can simply select and add some extra tours then the Overlay editor will combine all the panoramas and incorporate all the menus or other plugins as well.

Example of the tour that has extra tours combined together:

How to add an extra tour?

1. To add an extra tour, click on the Pano list button on the top-right corner of your overlay screen.

2. Under the Pano List, click on the “+” button to open the tour library.

3. Then choose the extra tours you want to merge from your tour library.

4. Click the Add button then the extra tour will appear under the Pano list.

5. Now you have the extra tour added to the main tour which is available in the Pano list. You can continue working with the combined tour and incorporate all the plugins as well.