GoThru Navigator

Gothru Navigator User Interface

Gothru Navigator is a professional-oriented application intended for Real Estate, Google Trusted Photographers, Architects, or anyone that needs to view navigable tours, with hotspots and menus.

How To Disable Access To Public Tour

You can use this Navigator function if you wish to deny access to public tours.

How To Lock Gothru Vr App To Only One Tour

Gothru Navigator locking feature allows you to lock the app to only one tour.

How To Save A Gothru Vr Tour For Offline Access

The Gothru Navigator allows you to take virtual tours of properties, venues and other physical spaces offline and navigate within a tour even without an internet connection.

How To Search For A Tour In Gothru Vr App

With Gothru Navigator you can search world landmarks, discover natural wonders and also explore locations such as museums, arenas, restaurants, small businesses, universities, tourists, hospitals, shopping, train stations, airport, casino, club and etc.

How To Change Default Tour In GoThru VR App

Navigator also lets you set up a default tour when starting the app. In short, this feature allows you to select which tour you want to play by default when you open the Navigator app.

How To Lock Gothru VR App To Only One Tour

A good way for you to show a quality presentation in a trade show or property show is to lock GoThru Navigator app to a single tour.

Deep Linking for GoThru VR Navigator

Create custom deep links for GoThru Navigator. Once you've created