How to create a video-top hotspot for your virtual tour

In this article, you will learn how to add a video to the hotspot popup content. Video content type allows you to create a popup that plays a video when the hotspot is active or clicked.

How to create an image-top hotspot for your virtual tour

This article will be looking at the steps of how to add a hotspot popup content using Image-top. It allows you to create popup content that contains images or image slides with a piece of brief information appended beneath them.

How To Connect An External Link To A Hotspot

In this article, you will learn how to connect a link to a hotspot using the link content type as described below.

How To Work With The Tools Of The Hotspot Plugin

The tools under the hotspot settings are made up of five sections: Content, Hotspot, Appearance, Colors, and Styles.

How To Create A Link-Pano Hotspot

One of the most useful hotspot content you can add to your overlay is the link-pano hotspot. This hotspot content allows you to join panoramas and let the viewers move between rooms/panoramas by clicking the hotspot.

How To Export & Import Hotspot Content

Overlay Editor allows you to export all your Hotspots that have a TAG ID to a CSV file. Here are the steps how to export and import hotspots content using GoThru overlay editor.

How to Change the Font Style of Hotspot Popup Content

In this tutorial, you will learn how how to change the font of hotspot popup content in the hotspot plugin. Please follow the following steps.

How to Change the Style of the Hotspot Popup

This article will be looking at the settings under the Popup Section where you can set up the style and preview customizations of the hotspot popups such as popup animation and others.

How to Change Hotspot Popup Colors in Hotspot Plugin

Gothru Overlay editor also allows you to modify the colors of the Hotspot Popup. To perform this operation, you can go to Hotspot Settings (Plugin Manager > Hotspot) or access it via the Active Plugin (Active Plugins > Hotspot).

Overlay - Hotspot Popup Content

The popup content section is where you can add content to the popup. You can embed nine content types -- simple, HTML, Image-left, Image-top, video-top, image, video, audio, and iframe.