How To Share And Collaborate On A Tour In GoThru Moderator

This section shows how to share a tour in GoThru Moderator for multiple users where other people can access it and make edits.

How to work with levels in GoThru Street View Editor

When uploading panoramas to GoThru, the upload will be automatically made on one level. But in certain cases you might need to have your panoramas on different levels, so GoThru comes with the “levels” feature to facilitate your work.

GoThru Auto Stitching

If you don’t want to do the stitching for your panoramas by yourself, GoThru comes with an easy solution: a stitching service. This tutorial shows how to send a stitching job to GoThru.

Publishing a GoThru Tour on Google Street View

After creating a tour and going through the moderation process, you will be ready to publish the tour on Google Street View. Please follow the steps described below.

How to work with the Google Contribution page

In this tutorial, you will learn how to work with Google Contribution feature, which facilitates the interaction between GoThru and Google.

How to Delete a Street View Tour that is in GoThru

In this tutorial, you will learn how to delete a tour from Google Street View using GoThru. The following deletion operations are possible with GoThru:

How to merge two tours in GoThru

This tutorial explains how to merge a tour into another tour, single-level or multi-levels.

How to work with multiple Google Street View Accounts in GoThru

It is possible to publish GoThru tours using multiple Google Street View accounts.

How to import panoramas from Google Drive

In this tutorial, you will learn how to import panoramas from Google Drive with GoThru.

How to delete extra panoramas from GoThru

To delete unwanted panoramas from GoThru Moderator please follow the steps in this tutorial.