Overlay Editor

How To Share An Editable Tour In GoThru Overlay Editor

To share a tour project with more than one person without entering individual email addresses, you can use the Overlay Editor share function that allows anyone who has the link to open and edit a tour.

How To Set A Responsive Logo Using CSS Recipes Editor

You are looking at how to set a logo that adapts or “responds” to different screen sizes using the CSS recipes editor or the Styles feature. This can be easily done by setting the ready made code from https://recipes.tourmkr.com/.

How To Set Responsive Text Field In Splash Screen Plugin Using CSS Recipes Editor

In this post, you will see how to set width of an input text in Splash Screen plugin using CSS recipe editor or the Overlay Styles feature.

How To Embed An Overlay Virtual Tour

Here are some simple steps on how to embed an overlay virtual tour on your website.

How To Use Pano List For Panorama And Level Switching

Pano list allows you to access the Map box and all the panoramas you have in one constellation. In short, Pano list is like a panorama library where you can find the collection of panoramas within a tour.

How To Clone An Overlay To Other Tours Using Gothru Overlay Editor

If you need an exact copy of an overlay project with all the embedding plugins, you can use the cloning function of the Overlay Editor.

How To Use The Multiple Overlay Function In Overlay Editor

Extending the cloning functionality already in GoThru Overlay Editor that allows you to create different versions of an Overlay, GoThru Overlay Editor now supports multiple overlay functionality.

How To Add Labels To Panoramas Using Pano Label Plugin

Pano Label is another attribute that can be added to your overlay. This plugin is used to provide a pano title that is clickable and shown over the panorama. Pano label is also used to improve the navigation and tell the visitors information about what they are exploring within a virtual tour.

How To Work With Compass Plugin

Compass plugin allows you to put a compass for tour navigation that indicates direction. It can be set up from Other > Compass, in the plugin manager.

How To Add And Remove A Password From A Tour Using Password Plugin

If you use a Gothru Overlay Editor, you probably have a tour that you wouldn’t want other people to access. You might share not only the average person, but also businesses, government institutions, and millions of other people worldwide.