Overlay Editor

Overlay - Marzipano Control Bar

Another available option of the control center is Marzipano control bar. Similar to the other control bars, it also sets up on-screen buttons intended to aid visitors in navigating the entire virtual tour.

Creating Submenus in Gothru Overlay Editor

In Gothru Overlay editor you are able to create a multilevel menu via Overlay Menu Settings (Plugin Manager > Menu > Side/Top Menu) as well as via the Active Plugin (Active Plugins > Side/Top Menu).

Adding Menu Items

The Menu allows you to showcase different areas of your venue and display this on a menu on your tour with direct links to those specific areas.

Overlay - Berlin Menu

Berlin uses a transparent black background and green active color. This menu can also include various items to the menu list such as adding active pano and links that connect to a webpage.

How To Merge Multiple Tours Into One Overlay Project

Overlay Editor provides a function for easily combining multiple tours together into one overlay project. In particular, this function will cover the use case of when you have multiple virtual tours under the same business that you wish to merge together.

Restore Projects from Backup

Gothru Overlay Editor also features an option that allows you to restore a backup version. With this option, you can restore a backup version of your Overlay projects, along with all plugins applied in them.

Adding a Street View Image to the Overlay Menu

With the Gothru Overlay Editor, you can add a Street View image done by Google or a tour published to Google by another photographer to the overlay menu on the hosted tour.

Overlay - Hotspot Popup Content

The popup content section is where you can add content to the popup. You can embed nine content types -- simple, HTML, Image-left, Image-top, video-top, image, video, audio, and iframe.

Overlay – Clone and Copy hotspot

Both the Copy and the Clone methods create a new hotspot with the same structure as the original hotspot. The new hotspot created by the Clone method has the same set of hotspots as the original one, but the new hotspot created by the Copy method can be edited.

Overlay - URL Modifier

Gothru Overlay Editor also features some parameters you can add to a virtual tour’s URL, to change the language and hide the overlay widgets