Restore Projects from Backup

Restore Projects from Backup

Gothru Overlay Editor also features an option that allows you to restore a backup version. With this option, you can restore a backup version of your Overlay projects, along with all plugins applied in them.

In general, the Overlay editor keeps a backup version of your project, every time you save your virtual tour. The system keeps the backup version in the asset manager. Positively, it is very useful and helpful to keep track of what changes you have made to the tour. Moreover, you can selectively restore the backups and continue working with that restored version. As an illustration, if you do a mistake or you put a hotspot in the wrong position, you can easily revert back to a previous version.

How to restore a backup version?

  1. Open the Overlay project.
  2. Click on the Asset Manager on the left side of your overlay screen.

3. On the Asset Manager, click on the down arrow to open up the dropdown menu then Select Backups.

4. After that, click on the solid “i” button to select the backup you want to restore.

5. Finally, click restore to load the backup version.

6. Now you can continue working with the restored version.