In this tutorial, you can learn the two ways of uploading panoramas in a Google Street View tour using direct upload or by using Google Drive.

Before you start uploading

  • Make sure your panoramas are minimum 5300px width x 2650px height and maximum 14000px width x 7000px height.
  • The ratio of your panoramas must be 2:1 (width/height=2).
  • Please make sure you have enough space available on your Google Drive, otherwise your tours won’t publish.
  • Please make sure you will NOT upload more panoramas having identical names in the same tour, even if they are on different levels. If you try to upload same name panoramas, the first panorama of the upload will be overwritten by the second panorama.

The following are the steps how to upload panoramas on Gothru:

1. Create a Google Street View tour using GoThru.

2. Once the tour is created, press the Upload Panoramas button.

3. At this point, GoThru offers you two possibilities of upload. You can use the Drop Zone to upload your Pre-Stitched Panoramas from your computer or use the Import from Google Drive button to import panoramas from your Google Drive account.

4. If you use the Drop Zone to upload you can simply Drag and drop the panoramas in the Drop Zone or click on the Drop Zone to browse your files for the panoramas on your computer. To add extra panoramas press the “+” button and browse for needed panoramas on your computer.

5. If you upload panoramas from Google Drive. Press Import from Google Drive button and select your panoramas.

6. In the Search pop up, type the name of your folder, the one containing the images for your business. Once you find the folder press the Start Import button.

7. Go back to constellations, open the tour and you will see your imported panoramas on the map. You can now proceed to the moderation process.