Main Workflow for GoThru: Tour Creation and Moderation

This tutorial will guide you through the process of creating and moderating a virtual tour using GoThru's tools, including the ability to publish your tour directly on Google Street View. Before You Start

Introducing GoThru Subscription Plans

GoThru offers a range of models tailored to your needs, ensuring both convenience and affordability.

How to Publish a New Tour over an Old Tour

On occasions, you might need to update a street view tour with a new panorama especially when a business tour you published is already outdated and the old images are still on Google. In that case, you can directly replace them from GoThru since they were also published by you.

How to Delete a Street View Tour that isn't in GoThru

To delete a Google tour that isn't in GoThru or not published by GoThru, please follow the steps in this tutorial.

How to Buy GoThru Tokens

You can use GoThru tokens for purchasing extra publications and hosted tours. Tokens are only available for PRO or PRO Video subscription, not available for Pay As You Go or Basic accounts, and they do not expire ( the unused tokens will carry forward to the next subscription).

How to Change Your Tour Resolution to 16K with GoThru

Now GoThru supports 360 images up to 16K which previously only up to 8K. you can see a better sharper and more detailed panorama, especially when the image is zoomed in.

How to Add Falling Snow Effect to 360 Images with GoThru

In this tutorial you are going to look at how to add falling snow to your panoramas.

How to Work with GoThru Pro Portfolio

Portfolio is the collection of tour projects that have been published. The portfolio page consists of all the published tour projects, Google Views Report, import tour, tour`s stats, edit tour and delete tour.

How to Publish One Tour to Multiple GMB Pages

GoThru features a function that allows you to easily publish a tour to multiple GMB pages at once.

How to Add a Password to Your Gothru Account

This tutorial will show you how to add a password to your GoThru account in order to secure it and use it as a backup login method. This login option might be needed for an alternative in case using your Google account login was unsuccessful.